Body Acne Treatments

Body Acne Treatments.

Body Acne Treatments can be placed in to three different categories, there are treatments for Moderate body acne, Severe body acne and highly severe body acne. There are a number of simple and effective body acne treatments for moderate to severe body acne types, however, in extreme cases the use of prescription medication may be required.

One of the most debated things is if there is gene or genetic link that causes body acne. It is generally agreed that you are more likely to get a body acne condition if one or both of your parents suffer or previously suffered from this type of acne. Therefore, in most cases body acne, just like facial acne, is considered to have, but has not been proven, to have genetic links.

This type of information has been gathered from many clinical studies that also demonstrate that most people with facial acne will generally have some type of body acne as well. Facial acne typically can be more noticeable because the face is not usually covered and therefore visible. Another reason why facial acne is more noticed is that the skin over other parts of the body are generally thicker with smaller pores making it less prone to acne breakouts. In fact, the only place on the human body where you can not get acne is the palms of the hands and the soles of your feet because there are no sebaceous oil glands or hair follicles where acne can form.

Body Acne Treatments Types.

Light to Moderate Body Acne.

Normal healthy skin has a pH range of 4.2 to 5.6. An appropriate cleansing soap or body wash needs to be be within this range to reduce the risk of further irritation. For milder or lighter cases of body acne try gently cleansing the skin, with a soap or body wash (pH 4.2 to 5.6) allow it to dry naturally or pat dry, never rub, and then apply 10% alpha hydroxy acid. It goes without saying that your first method should always include the right diet, plenty of water and not aggravating the acne by scratching it or trying to evacuate the pores (by squeezing). Get some sun, vitamin D deficiency can actually cause body acne. Some people only get body acne in the winter months because in the summer they get some sun exposure every day.

Moderate to Severe Body Acne.

For moderate to severe body acne gently clean the skin in the same way as for light to moderate acne and apply 2.5% benzoyl peroxide directly to affected areas and then apply 10% alpha hydroxy acid. In most cases the moderate to severe body acne can be controlled very effectively this way. Again, diet and proper hydration is vitally important. Vitamin D from that sun can also be beneficial, see the paragraph above.

Highly Severe Body Acne.

In the most severe cases it is always best to seek advice from a skin specialist such as a dermatologist. A healthy diet excluding junk foods and drinking lots of water can also help but in the most extreme cases prescription medication may be required to give the desired results.

Before agreeing to undertake the use of medications make sure you ask lots of questions about possible side effects. Some acne medications have been linked to side effects like moods swings, insomnia and depression. Make sure you are informed of all of these possible side effects and are regularly monitored by a qualified health professional if this is you chosen course of action.

Other ways to assist Body Acne Treatments.

As with all type of acne, Body Acne can become worse if it becomes irritated. So how do we avoid irritation?

  • Wearing natural fibers that breathe such as cotton fabrics as often as possible. If your the type of person that gets sweaty often, try changing your clothing a few times a day.
  • If you have a regular workout or physical exercise daily manage it so you can shower immediately after and apply the body acne treatments mentioned above once you are dry.
  • Be aware of what areas on the body are most affected by body acne so you can try to make some connections about what might be causing the irritation so you can make necessary adjustments.
  • Fabric softeners can leave a residue on clothing that rubs onto your skin, irritating it and contributing to the severity of your body acne.
  • Try washing your clothing with a neutral pH balanced (pH 7 or even lower to pH 4.2) washing powder followed by a plain water rinse. Try air drying your clothes instead of using a clothes dryer.

You might be surprised how much difference these small actions can make. Acne Free Now hope you have enjoyed our article about Body Acne Treatments.

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  1. Hi Bev,
    Very informative article, thank-you. I didn’t know much about Body Acne before this article. I think wearing natural fibers like cotton and hemp fabric clothing is much healthier on the skin than clothing made of synthetic fabrics. I’m always looking for pure cotton or wool socks and they’re hard to find.

    • Hi Jill,
      Yes we should all be looking for natural fibers to wear, whether or not we have skin conditions or not. Synthetics and man made fibers don’t breathe and build up static electricity. And yes, it can be hard to find items made from all natural fibers, there seems to plenty of sock that are mixed (both natural and synthetic fibers) but it is very hard to find them.

  2. It is very important to learn as much information as possible about acne and acne treatment and to know what help and what treatments are available.

  3. Great article Bev. Very clear presentation and very informative. Doctor Bill

  4. Hello Bev,

    Great article with heaps of tips. I am a adult that suffers from acne in a very big way. Around that time of the month its a lot worse, than any other time. I have tried many different ways and many different creams.

    I am now trying a natural way, with again like you said lots of water, sunshine and exercise. I have also started using Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3% grade. Dilated with water and used as a face wash twice a day works really well :) Also once a week I put on a face mask of honey, and I also wash my face with lemon juice at least twice a week….hope that this is helpful to another acne suffering person :)

    Lisa Wood.
    Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Healthy Lifestyle Challenge My ComLuv Profile

    • Thanks Lisa,
      There are many safe and natural ways to manage body acne and you have found a good regime that works for you. Well done! Acne can be insidious in how it responds to different treatments because there are so many different causes. What works well for one person might not work for another. It’s all about trying different natural treatments and assessing your own results, if something doesn’t work, don’t give up, just try something different.

      Can I ask, what is the dilution ratio for the Hydrogen Peroxide 3% with water? I know that Hydrogen Peroxide can have a bleaching effect and might also dry out the skin if used in a too strong concentration.

      Thanks for suggesting your regime, it obviously works well for you!

  5. Hello Bev,

    I use 50% Hydrogen Peroxide 3% with 50% water. I use it morning and night. It can be a drying effect but then I use PawPaw cream over night and so far no drying of skin or any side affects. It has taken me a long time to find out what works for my skin, and like you said Acne is a tricky skin condition because what might work for me will be different for another person. I am just so grateful after all these years to find something that does work!!

    Lisa Wood´s last blog ..Healthy Lifestyle Challenge My ComLuv Profile

    • Thanks Lisa for your prompt reply,
      I’m sure that my readers will appreciate you taking the time to explain the dilution you use. I’m glad that you found something that works well for you… even if it did take some time! Thanks again for sharing :)

  6. Hi Bev – great looking site and a very informative article about body acne treatments. For years I’ve only used washing powders for sensitive skin (natural PH balance like you say) and stopped using fabric softeners. As you mention, what you wear can also have a huge affect on skin condition, as well as what you use to wash your face, body and hair. I’m sure your article will help many people who suffer body acne.
    Jan Littlehales´s last blog ..Raising Great Kids – Walking My ComLuv Profile

  7. I like your mention of using Vitamin D as a body acne treatment. Optimal vitamin D levels mean you make over 200 antimicrobial peptides, an essential component of innate immune response. Unfortunately, most people have Vitamin D deficiency.


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